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This advanced software requires 2 types of hosting: a regular web hosting plan for the regular website features and a special plan (usually on a different special server) for video streaming and other realtime communication between chat clients.

Resources on a streaming server are more expensive and that's why the software was designed to use a standard web server for the rest of the features, to make it more affordable to run. This architecture makes it 100% web based and very easy to run for your website users. Read here more details about the FMS platform benefits.

Software Requirements

  • Streaming Server (2 options supported, any can be used)

    1) FCS1.5 / FMS2 / FMIS3 / FMIS 3.5 Server

    We offer special managed plans for our customers. These include full FMS installation, including deployment of the .asc file(s) and setup of the required flash media server permissions.
    [ Datetopia - Video Flash Chat Shared Managed Hosting ]


    2) Red5 Server
    If you run your own dedicated server, you should consider installing the free open source Red5 server that is also supported.
    [ Download free open source Red5 Server ]
    VideoWhisper offers premium red5 hosting plans, that include both web hosting and rtmp hosting with unlimited connections, dedicated ip and big bandwidth starting from 100Gb at $35/month. VideoWhisper can also provide red5 installation.

Server Power
The hardware configuration depends very much on the number of website members and visitors and also on website settings and target, so we cannot give you exact requirements. The software can be balanced from the webmaster settings to provide more quality and resources to users or save more space and bandwidth.

Flash Media Server
You can buy the Flash Media Server software from Adobe and install it on your web server or use another special FMS server, or you can buy FMS hosting from a company specialized on this platform. Unless your business is very big and you have your own servers and server staff, we recommend ordering a FMS hosting plan from a FMS hosting provider. Our software was tested on various FMS versions from Flash Communication Server 1.5 to Flash Media Interactive Server 3.

Recommended 3rd Party FMS2 Hosting Providers
- Influxis (California, US)
- Uvault (Florida, US)
- MoreMX (Germany, Europe)

Red5 Server
Red5 is a free, open source, Java based, alternative to Adobe's Flash Media Server. To install Red5 you need a dedicated server. You can not install Red5 on a shared hosting plan. Red5 is available for both Windows and Linux. You can find more info about it here:

End User Requirements
To access all features provided by this software the user needs a decent computer with webcam and a decent internet connection. The internet browser must support flash content. We recommend downloading the latest flash plugin. @2006 by Datetopia Dating Scripts and Software  . All rights reserved.   





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